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Leslie Schecht

Director of STEM

 Distinguished Educator; lifelong learner; Mac lover; director of technology - NYCDOE D75.

I am currently serving as a Director of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for NYC Public Schools. I have over 20+ years of experience in educational technology with a proven track record in enhancing academic/professional outcomes for students, teachers and administrators through the creation and implementation of innovative instructional technology solutions, online professional development programs, coaching, mentoring and providing direct services. I am incredibly lucky to be the Director of STEM for the NYCDOE's District 75 division. This is the special education division of NYC and we educate 23,000 students, over 7500 teachers and administrators. I am instrumental in bringing innovative and unique technology programs to our schools.

Susan Abdulezer

Instructional Media Coordinator

See her work on District 75's Vimeo page.

Cara Coffina

Applied Learning Coordinator

Cara coordinates the D75 Debate Program, 3D World, and Plant Learn Grow. Why "Applied Learning?" Because education should be immediately relevant, meaningful, and dynamic. Applied Learning brings concepts to life and puts theory into practice, allowing students to generalize, synthesize, and take ownership of their knowledge- all while having fun. Through persuading the judges in live debates, navigating virtual worlds through an avatar, and digging in the garden or testing nutrients for aquaponics, students learn to collaborate, problem-solve, and innovate for their future.

Past programs included an online Girls Club and Virtual UN, through which students held online global summits with peers around the world on issues of poverty and water access.

She can be reached at

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David H. Cohen

Vision Technology Coordinator

Since 1995, I have been a teacher of the blind and visually impaired for the NYC Department of Education. As a longtime techie (ok, geek), I began supporting our students and my fellow staff members assistive technology pretty soon after I started teaching. I was a member of my program's tech team for a number of years and in 2003 I was promoted (laterally - I'm still a teacher so more work, more responsibilities, no extra power, and, obviously, no extra money) to be the Vision Technology Coordinator for the NYCDOE system. I manage the team that I was a part of, coordinating the the evaluation and use of assistive technology for all the visually impaired students within NYC. I also support assistive tech that isn't necessarily related to vision (see geek label above).

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Gregory Heath

Coordinator of Mathematics

Greg started his career in the NYC DOE as an Integrated Algebra teacher at a District 75 high school in the Bronx and has been with the District 75 STEM Department since 2012 as part of the mathematics team. His passion is promoting rich and engaging mathematics that highlights the patterns, beauty, and enchantment of the discipline. He is an advocate of game-based, project-based, and problem-based learning. Greg co-created the District 75 Garden Program (Plant-Learn-Grow) and Sustainability Initiative as part of the Applied Learning team. In his free time Greg likes listening to hip-hop & electronic music, going to independent cinema, and aimless wandering. He loves karaoke and spicy food.


Sarai Bakal

Science Coach

Find her on Twitter @SBF112000

Joaquin Rodriguez, Jr.

Science Coach


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Sean Arnold

STEM/Technology Coach

He has worked as a special educator in New York City’s District 75 since 2005. He became technology-focused STEM coach in 2016. who has taught in New York City’s District 75 citywide special needs program since 2005. His passions are accessibility, project-based learning, game-based learning, and using technology to enhance instruction. He presents these ideas at professional development opportunities and conferences to any educational change agents that would hear it. You can find out more information and connect with Sean via his blog Brave In the Attempt, Twitter, or via email.

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Charles Bender

Technology Coach

Elizabeth Tierney

Technology Coach


Ara Roden

Math Coach

Arielle Teicher

Math Coach

Lothar Troeller

Math Coach


David Carroca


Jordan Ignacio


Haley Levinson


Lilibeth Nartatez